Bionic Bird Kit with Charger Egg
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Bionic Bird Kit with Charger Egg


Welcome to the world of Bionic Bird, the robotic bird born from more than 40 years of research and development Bionic Bird is both a masterpiece of French design and a drone in a class of its own with a unique flying experience. Treat yourself to an experience that’s as close to nature as possible. Fly beyond the clouds, glide with other birds or drive your cat crazy! Discover the new generation of drones that everyone is talking about. Furtive and biomimetic, Bionic Bird is packed with patented micro-technologies. Pilot Bionic Bird with the intuitive and ultra-sensitive Flying App using your smartphone or tablet and fly with a range of more than 100 metres. The portable egg is a designer perch as well as a charger on which Bionic Bird recharges in 12 minutes. Charge the egg in an hour with your computer and then slip it into your pocket. While out in nature, you’ll have enough power to recharge Bionic Bird around twelve times!
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Price: £129.00