Parrot Blaze Airborne Night Minidrone (Red)
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Parrot Blaze Airborne Night Minidrone (Red)


Drones For Less, your premier drone source in the UK, offers the Blaze Airborne Night Minidrone from Parrot. This Bluetooth-enabled drone is controlled via compatible iOS or Android device with Freeflight 3 app. Using this app, the Blaze can perform complicated pre-programmed stunts or just fly - so long as it's within the range of 65'. 

The Blaze is equipped with two adjustable headlights which allow you piloting in the dark - and other low-light environments. A built-in 640x480 resolution camera allows you to take aerial shots which are stored on the Blaze's 1GB of flash memory, and can be transferred to your computer or mobile device with the included USB cable. The Blaze also comes with two protective, removable shields, so you can fly without worrying about damage from crash or collision. The Blaze's replaceable battery lasts up to 25 minutes, depending on flying conditions, and recharges via a separately available 2.4A charger, or included USB cable. 

Night Flying
Equipped with two powerful headlights with adjustable intensity, this lightweight drone offers pilots a wide variety of flight experiences, including the ability to fly in the dark.
One-Touch Acrobatics, Flips, and Turns
With a single swipe of your finger, the Blaze turns 90° or 180°. With a single click, it performs acrobatic 360° forward or backward flips.
Enhanced Stability
Thanks to its 3-axis gyroscope and accelerometer, the Blaze delivers a balanced and steady flight experience.
Control via Bluetooth and Freeflight 3
The Freeflight 3 app offers intuitive control from your smartphone or tablet and connects to your drone via Bluetooth Smart.
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Price: £100.00