Apantac CLN-SW-6X1-H HDMI 6x1 Clean Switch
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Apantac CLN-SW-6X1-H HDMI 6x1 Clean Switch


Up/down/cross converter equipped with HDMI input and output Deep color, 12-bit support HDTV resolution up to 1080p De-interlacing (interlace to progressive conversion) Compliant with the specifications of HDMI Seven built-in preset modes (one full-screen, four PiP, two PbP) Supports adjustable audio delay time for lip sync (up to 70 ms) Supports 1:1 aspect ratio mode, which keeps original input source aspect size and ratio Supports full-screen aspect ratio mode, which modifies the original input image to fit the aspect ratio of the output display Image may be cropped or distorted to fit within the screen of the output display VGA, 480p, SVGA, XGA, 720p, SXGA, UXGA, and 1080p resolutions Supports audio delay adjustment for lip sync Supports both HDMI and VGA output Supports RS-232 control Supports Ethernet control IR remote control 12 VDC power Hot-pluggable and 1 RU rack design EDID management (copy from destination port)
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